Voting in America: House Hearings on Election Integrity

After a chaotic and disturbing 2020 election season in which pandemic accomodations were enacted to provide options for Americans to exercise their right to vote, Democrats have been looking for ways to make these accomodations permanent.

The problem is … these pandemic laws compromised election integrity by removing traditional and well-supported safeguards to ensure that legal voters would not have their votes diluted by fraud and error.

Playing into deep partisan divides across this country, Democrats, who have the majority in Congress and hold the White House, are relying on an ugly narrative that the current state election laws and commonsense election integrity reforms are inherently racist.  They are using the fabricted background to force through federal election laws that would unconstitutionaly relegate states to an inferior position in determining the right laws for their unique demands.

To support an attempt to federalize elections, the House held a series of hearings to provide “findings” that would inform the legislation.  They were partisan hearings in which only one side of the politcal aisle.