Texas Election Law

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Voter Registration

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
MethodBy mail, in person, or online. No changeNo legislative movement.
DeadlineThirty (30) days prior to election. No changeNo legislative movement.
AutomaticNot allowedNo changeNo legislative movement
Same DayNot allowedNo changeNo legislative movement

Absentee Ballot Application

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
ExcuseAbsence on election day.
Disability or pregnancy.
Over 65.
Confinement in jail.
No change.No legislative movement.
AutomaticNoNo change. SB7
Sec. 276.017


Disallows the affirmative sending out of mail-in ballots.
DeadlineClose of business the eleventh day before the election. No change. No legislative movement.
Valid for X# of CyclesSame cycle onlyNo change. No legislative movement.

Absentee Ballot Return (other than by mail)

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Voter IDSignature VerificationNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity
In PersonYesNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity
Drop BoxNot mentioned in statutes. Gubernatorial proclamation
Only one ballot drop box per county allowed.
No Legislative Activity
Return DeadlineClose of polls on election daysNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity

Ballot Harvesting

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
ProhibitedNoNo changeNo legislative movement
Limited 3rd PartyHousehold members, relatives, or persons lawfully assisting a voter. No changeNo legislative movement.
Paid Political OperativesNot allowedNo changeNo legislative movement

Early Voting

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
By MailYesNo changeNo legislative movement
In PersonYesNo changeNo legislative movement

Voter Identification - Absentee Ballot

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Signature VerificationYesNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity
Witness StatementNoNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity
Other--SB1111 (passed) establishes a strict ID requirement to verify the identitiy of voters whose voter registration address is a PO box or other address that does not correspond to a residence.
Cure ProcessNoNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity

Voter Identification - In Person

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Photo IDRequiredNo changeNo legislative movement
Other OptionsNoneNo changeNo legislative movement
Provisional BallotsNot givenNo changeNo legislative movement

Voting Day

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Hours7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. No changeNo legislative movement
Wait TimeNot mentioned in statutesNo changeNo legislative movement
Electioneering100 feetNo changeNo legislative movement

Voter Rolls

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Update FrequencyMonthlyNo changeNot mentioned in statutes
Voter RemovalDeath, moving, convicted of a felony. No changeNot mentioned in statutes