Show Me State

Salus populi suprema lex esto (Let hthe good of the people be the supreme law of the land)


Missouri voters cast 3,025,962 ballots in the 2020 general election, putting statewide turnout at about 66%. The state swung heavily for incumbent Donald J. Trump, who won its 10 electoral votes with 56.8% of the popular vote. Missouri was considered a ‘bellweather’ state throughout the 20th Century, though it has continued to trend reliably Republican within the 21st Century. It has consistently voted for Republican presidential candidates since 2000.

Missouri has a bicameral legislature with 34 senators and 163 representatives. Republicans have held the majority in both chambers since 2003. Governor Mike Parson (R), whom Donald Trump endorsed as president in 2020, is not eligible for re-election in 2022, due to term limits.