The Pinetree State

Dirigo (I lead)


Overall, 828,305 ballots were cast in Maine in 2020, 435,072 of which were for Joe Biden and 360,737 of which were for Donald J. Trump. Overall state turnout in 2020 was about 76%. Uniquely, Maine is one of two states that splits its electoral votes, rather than the winner-takes-all method employed by the other 48. Joe Biden won three of the four electoral votes in the 2020 election, as well as the popular vote. Incumbent Donald J. Trump won Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and one electoral vote. Maine has consistently voted for Democrat presidential candidates since 1992.

Maine has a bicameral legislature with 35 senators and 151 representatives. Democrats have held the majority in both chambers since 2019. Governor Janet Mills (D) is eligible for re-election in 2022.