The Sunflower State

Ad astra per aspera (To the stars through difficulties)


In light of COVID-19, Kansas was one of a few states to cancel the GOP primary. The state party had a formal vote to nominate Donald Trump as the Republican candidate.

459,229 advance by mail ballots, 371,854 advance in-person ballots, and 544,042 election day ballots were cast in Kansas in 2020. In total, 1,375,125 ballots were cast in 2020, putting overall state turnout at about 70.9% The state swung heavily for incumbent Donald J. Trump, who won its 6 electoral votes with 56.2% of the popular vote. Despite high numbers for Trump, Biden performed remarkably well for a Democrat with the highest numbers since 2008. The 2020 election also marked the first time since 1916 that Kansas voted more Democratic than Missouri. Kansas has consistently voted for Republican presidential candidates since 1968.

Kansas has a bicameral legislature with 40 senators and 125 representatives. Republicans have held the majority in both chambers since 1993. Governor Laura Kelly (D) is eligible for re-election in 2022.