The Aloha State

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina I ka Pono (The life of the land is perptuated in righteousness)


An overwhelming majority of Hawaiians voted by mail in 2020; 551,0136 ballots were cast by mail, dwarfing the 24,748 ballots cast in person on election day. Overall 579,784 ballots were cast, putting 2020 statewide turnout at about 69.5%. The state swung overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, who won its 4 electoral votes with 63.7% of the popular vote. Hawaii has consistently voted for Democrat presidential candidates since 1988.

Hawaii has a bicameral legislature with 25 senators and 51 representatives. Democrats have held the majority in both chambers since 1992. Governor David Ige (D) is ineligible for re-election in 2022 due to term limits.