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In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton with a 5% margin, capturing the state’s 16 electoral votes. With very few exceptions, Georgia has voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election since the mid-1960’s. In the mid-1990’s, the state also shifted from democrat to republican when voting for senators, house representatives and governors. It has been reliably red since then. In 2020 Joe Biden was projected to be the winner with such a narrow lead that an automatic hand recount was triggered. After the contested recount, Georgia declared Biden the winner with an even narrower margin (12,000 votes or .2%).

Citing Covid-19 complications, Georgia was embarrassed by its June 9 primary election in which poll closures were delayed until midnight. New voting equipment malfunctioned and fewer in-person voting locations were provided. Perhaps due to the confusion, about 1000 people were investigated for double-voting.

Election Integrity

In the wake of the 2020 elections and resulting lack of confidence in the outcome, state legislatures across the country reviewed their election laws and proposed and/or enacted certain modifications to existing law. While our country remains bitterly divided, a battle is taking place as to whether these laws suppress the vote or expand access to the ballot box. Many believe claims of voter suppression from the Left are part of a larger effort to federalize our elections. But the U.S. Constitution grants state legislatures authority to establish state election laws.

Learn more about state election law reforms and decide for yourself. Do you want bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. controlling local elections or do you want your state lawmakers to write laws that meet your state’s unique characteristics?

Voting Day

 Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Hours7:00 AM - 7:00 PMNo changeNo legislative movement
Wait TimeNot mentionedNo changeSB202 - Line 721


If wait times exceed one hour, the size of the precinct will be reduced at the next election.
Electioneering150 FeetNo changeNo legislative movement
Other- - -

Legislative Ratings

The American Conservative Union Foundation rates all members of the legislature to track how they vote on key legislation. A high rating reflects a more conservative voting record.

Georgia averages a 56% rating, reflecting its more right leaning position. Visit their ratings page to learn more about individual voting and why ACU opposed or supported the legislation.