The Sunshine State

In God We Trust


Florida has long been considered a purple state but many consider it now to have settled as a red state, having voted definitively Republican since 2016. With two Republican senators and a Republican governor, the state has strong conservative leadership, changing the traditional battleground status of the state. A total of 14,441,869 ballots were cast in the 2020 election, putting overall state turnout at about 77%. Donald J. Trump won Florida’s 29 electoral votes with 51.2% of the popular vote. Florida has not voted consistently with one party like many other states, but many predict it will continue its recent trend of electing Republican candidates.

Florida has a bicameral legislature with 40 senators and 120 representatives. Republicans have held the majority in both chambers since 1997. Governor Ron DeSantis (R), whom Donald Trump endorsed as president in 2018, is eligible for re-election in the 2022 election cycle.