The Natural State

Regnat populus (The People Rule)


2020 Arkansas voters requested 130,379 absentee ballots and returned 118,294. Overall 1,219,069 ballots were cast in Arkansas in 2020, putting overall state turnout at about 56%. The state voted decisively for incumbent Donald J. Trump, who won its 6 electoral votes with 62% of the popular vote. Arkansas has consistently voted for Republican presidential candidates since 2000.

Arkansas has a bicameral legislature with 35 senators and 100 representatives. The legislature meets in January and adjourns in April. Republicans have held the majority in both chambers since 2013. Asa Hutchinson (R), who was endorsed by president Donald Trump in 2018, is the current governor and is not eligible for re-election in 2022, due to Arkansas’ gubernatorial term limit laws.