Our Work

Election 2020

We explore the forces around the 2020 Presidential Election that dominated political discourse for over a year.  Learn more about the actions, influences, and battles that limited President Trump to one term and turned over the reigns of power to a Democrat-controlled White House and Congress.

The Impact

The Washington Post calculated that it only took 90,000 votes for Republicans to lose the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Such a narrow margin, despite a massive effort by the Left to ensure an election victory, underscores how the will of the American people was discarded.

The Path Forward

In order to reverse the damage of 2020 and combat the intent of the Biden presidency, the American Conservative Union will lead the effort to restore order to our elections and revive confidence their results. We will testify in support of the right legislation and fight against the wrong legislation. We will collect the evidence that was discarded in 2020 and allow people to evaluate it themselves.