HR 4 is the Product of a Partisan, Unethical Ploy to Keep Democrats in Power

August 24, 2021.

HR 4 makes a farce out of the same Right to Vote that the radical Left claims to protect. It blatantly defies the desire by the voting public to restore the election safeguards that evaporated during the 2020 election cycle. It also flies in the face of two Supreme Court rulingsand a recent failed attempt by Democrats to pass the dangerous HR 1/ S 1 Corrupt Politicians Act.

HR 4 has been drafted with input from a series of hearings in the House. The vast majority of witnesses were partisan Democrats who were more interested in disparaging Republicans than they were in providing sufficiently factual testimony to inform sound legislation. These hearings promoted a storyline depicting the United States as a racist country in which even the slightest attempt to provide election security was labeled as voter suppression. By consistently using such inflammatory slurs, Democrats make it impossible to have a fair and open conservation about voting in America.

What are the facts? Participation in voting for all groups is higher than at any other time in American history. Voter registration and turnout has steadily increased over the years and, more importantly, black and Hispanic Americans are well represented in Congress. According to Pew Research, Congress is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before. The 124 federal lawmakers who identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander or Native American make up 23 percent of Congress.

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