Here’s Why H.R. 1 is not Election Reform

April 1, 2021

Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, writing for The Hill:

H.R.1 and S.1, the House and Senate legislation misnamed as the “For the People Act,” is portrayed by congressional Democrats as a reform of unfair, discriminatory election laws. In reality, it is nothing less than an assault on the accepted democratic norms of free and fair elections, codifying a federal takeover of the states’ constitutionally defined right to regulate elections.

Make no mistake: This is an attempt at a Blue Coup that favors Democrats. Yet, much more worryingly, it would undermine our election rules and processes in ways that affect every American’s faith in the system, not simply the electoral fate of Republicans. It is a glaring example of the kind of dangerous overreach that can occur when one party controls Washington — and when Washington exerts unchecked authority over the states.

Here is what the For the People legislation is not:

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