Have rational Americans had enough of the left’s voting law games yet?

Opinion by Denise Cohen, Director for the Center to Protect Voters & Their Voices.  Originally posted on The Washington Times.

Democrats are playing a long game to quash state election reform and pave the way for their obscene federalized election law fantasy.

Georgia and its new voting law provide a perfect example of how the left plans to attack future states that dare to exercise their constitutional authority and clean up the mess they created in the 2020 election cycle. Are rational Americans going to push back and finally scream, “Enough!”  Or are we going to roll over and pretend that the left’s political manipulations are simply misstatements that have yet to be retracted?

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp — criticized by Donald Trump and other Republicans for his role in delivering Georgia to Joe Biden and finalizing the left’s sweep of Congress — is now being attacked by Democrats for signing into law an election reform package, Senate Bill 202 (S.B. 202), that is designed to both expand access to voting and implement some well-supported election safeguards. Rather than assess the bill in its totality, the left chooses instead to nit-pick on some provisions that are taken fully out of context to give the appearance that this new law is … racist. Where is the outrage that the president of the United States, the self-proclaimed “Uniter,” can say that this law is “Jim Crow on steroids?” Does he not understand what the horrendous Jim Crow South was really about? We must stand strong against such irresponsible declarations and make sure people understand what S.B. 202 does and does not do so that we can protect the many good state voting reforms that will follow.

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