The Peach State


Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

In 1788, Georgia voted to ratify the U. S. Constitution and become the 4th state, and the 1st southern state, in the new Union. 

Georgia’s General Assembly, its legislative body, is in session for 40 days in the 1st quarter.

Governor Brian Kemp (R) was elected in 2018 is up for re-election in 2022. The Georgia Senate has 56 members – 34 Republicans and 22 Democrats.  The state House has 180 members – 103 Republicans and 77 Democrats.

Legislative Ratings

The American Conservative Union Foundation rates all members of the legislature to track how they vote on key legislation.  A high rating reflects a more conservative voting record.  Georgia averages a 56% rating, reflecting its more centrist position.  Visit their ratings page to learn more about individual voting and why ACU opposed or supported the legislation.


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