The Election 2020 Story

The 2020 Presidential Election played out exactly as had every other event in the year of Covid-19 – unprecedented and unpleasant. People tuned in all over the world in norm-busting tiny groups to watch the highly anticipated outcome with predictions that covered all the bases. The wildly erroneous polls that led up to Election Day set the stage for increased hostility within an already dangerously divided nation.

Media outlets raced each other to see who could project the winner of a state first. Unlike coverage in prior elections, virtually every TV channel or online news organization had a different electoral college count. By the middle of the night, it was clear that no winner would be projected, and no concession speech would be given. This was, in part, due to the predicted Covid-19 induced rise in mail-in ballots and the inability of most states to effectively prepare for this shift in early voting.

The following Saturday, CNN declared Joe Biden the winner. His supporters took to the streets celebrating the ouster of their least favorite president, while Donald Trump’s supporters silently watched in shock and rejected the projection.

In a country that follows the rule of law, the media does not decide the Presidency – the Electoral College does, based on the certification of legal votes. So rather than mimicking left-leaning supporters and taking to the streets to burn down neighborhoods, conservatives started filing lawsuits across the country, challenging how the election was conducted and seeking remedies to provide correct vote counts. By mid-November, there were already more than 400 cases and appeals filed in various state and federal courts.  The cases worked their way through the court system with a remarkably consistent failure to present evidence.  Judges chose not to decide these cases on their merits and instead denied most of these cases on rarely used procedural grounds.

Democrats boasted about dismantling our election laws to manipulate the election and take over the reins of government at all levels. They colluded with Big Tech and the Media to promote a highly effective disinformation campaign to suppress conservative turnout. Once the votes were counted, Democrats made sure evidence that challenged the results was discredited. Republicans were ill-prepared for the coordinated assault on this election and unorganized in their efforts to combat the outcome.

In addition to securing the presidency, Democrats kept their majority in the House of Representatives but lost 15 of 18 vulnerable seats. Nancy Pelosi was re-elected Speaker of the House with a much smaller margin of 222 – 213.  After the January 6, 2021 runoff elections in Georgia, Republicans lost control of the Senate.  With a 50-50 split in the upper chamber, Vice President Kamala Harris will be the deciding vote, giving the Democrats a 51 – 50 margin.

Major policy changes via executive order or strictly partisan legislation could reshape the direction of this country – with, at best, a razor thin margin.