Big Tech & Media

“It is an indisputable fact that the media stole the election. The American electorate was intentionally kept in the dark. During the height of the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings, the media and the big tech companies did everything in their power to cover it up. Twitter and Facebook limited sharing of the New York Post’s reports, and the liberal media omitted it from their coverage or dismissed it as Russian disinformation.

— Brent Bozell,  President, Media Research Center

Coordination between the Left, Big Tech, and the Media is best demonstrated by the concealment of the Hunter Biden scandal that emerged shortly before the election.  The New York Post broke the story on Hunter and Joe Biden’s involvement with the Ukraine.  The New York Post gained access to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, a laptop that was also under review by the FBI, and tried to inform the American people that there was corruption in the Biden family that should have disqualified the former Vice President from running for President.  Rather than providing transparency to the voting public, the media uniformly withheld the story while big tech removed The New York Post from its platforms.  It was an unprecedented move.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote that the Bidens owed a response about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China after Tucker Carlson interviewed his former business partners, Tony Bobulinski.  Bobulinksi, a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, detailed his experience with the Biden family and made clear that Joe Biden was involved in and fully aware of Hunter’s connections and plans.

Did other media outlets cover these stories and inform the voting public about potential issues with Joe Biden?  No.  Did it matter?  100% Yes.

A poll conducted shortly after the election showed that 36% of Biden voters had not heard the allegations about Joe Biden, and 13% of them would not have voted for Biden had they been better informed.  This would have been enough to flip several states to take the electoral college lead and serve his second term.

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