Election 2020

The Election 2020 Story

The year opened with short-lived optimism from record unemployment lows, stock market highs, and a promising trade deal with China.  All measures seemed to indicate an easy victory for President Trump’s reelection.  And then Covid-19 hit, causing mass panic and lockdowns to serve as a pretext for weakening election security.  When 2021 opened, it was clear that President Trump would be denied a second term, and that Americans would more more divided than ever before.

The Results

The 2020 general election led to Democrats taking control of the White House and Senate while retaining control of the House of Representatives.  But the actual numbers underscore that there is no mandate to make sweeping changes – neither by legislation nor by executive order.

How Republicans Failed

Unlike the Left’s’ highly coordinated approach to 2020, Republicans did not have a unified strategy to protect President Trump’s second term. Misleading national polls, ineffective use of funding, internal party politics, and insufficient litigation preparedness allowed the Democrats to implement their scheme to secure the White House.


How the Left Succeeded

Articles in Time Magazine and The New York Times confirmed what many people suspected – that Democrats were working with a handful of powerful and wealthy individuals to weaken election securities, control the flow of information, and coordinate offensive and defensive litigation to ensure that President Trump was defeated on November 3rd, 2020.

Big Tech & Media

No other candidate has ever received the degree and intensity of opposition by the Media than President Trump.  In 2016, then candidate Trump dominated every traditional and social media platform and created fresh daily news cycles. Recognizing that they were the means by which President Trump had spread his message and gained substantive popularity, Big Tech joined the Media to collude with the Left and prevent a 2016 repeat.  They silenced a sitting President while creating an illusion that former Vice President Joe Biden was capable and deserving of taking the Presidency.

Election Law Litigation

The 2020 election was bookended by hundreds of lawsuits. The Left flooded the courts with suits to lower voting guardrails while Republicans raced to catch up and counter these suits.  Having failed to succeed prior to the election, Republicans filed a slew of lawsuits to challenge specific results that would most likely have changed the electoral count vote.  Sadly, judges refused to look at the evidence and dismissed the cases based on procedural grounds.