Arizona Election Law

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Voter Registration

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
MethodOnline, in person, and by mail. No ChangeNo Legislative Activity
DeadlineTwenty-nine (29) days prior to the election. No ChangeNo Legislative Activity
AutomaticNoNo ChangeHB 2236 (Passed House, in Senate)
Bans automatic voter registration.
Same DayNoNo ChangeHB 2237 (Passed House, in Senate)
Bans same day voter registration.

Absentee Ballot Application

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Physical Illness
No ExcuseSB238 revives pre-COVID excuses and adds “Visually Impaired”
AutomaticNo__HB2905 bans mass ballot mailing to voters who did not request them, and makes violation of this law a felony.
Deadline14 days prior to election____
Valid for X# of Cycles1____

Absentee Ballot Return (other than by mail)

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Voter IDNot requiredNo Changes SB1003
Voter signature not required or it will not be counted.
In PersonYesNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity
Drop BoxNot mentionedWidely used throughout the state. HB HB 2238 (Passed House, in Senate)
Restricts unsecured ballot drop boxes.
Return Deadline7:00 PM on Election DayNo ChangesNo Legislative Activity

Ballot Harvesting

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
ProhibitedNoNo changeNo legislative movement
Limited 3rd PartyFamily member, household member, or caregiver from returning another person's early ballot. No changeNo legislative movement
Paid Political OperativesNoNo changeNo legislative movement

Early Voting

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
By MailYesNo changeNo legislative movement
In PersonYesNo changeNo legislative movement

Voter Identification - Absentee Ballot

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Signature VerificationNot requiredNo change SB1003


Voter signature required or it will not be counted.



Would refer ballots with inconsistent signatures to the attorney general for
possible investigation.
Witness StatementNot requiredNo changeNo legislative movement
Cure ProcessVoter has five business days after election to cure ballot. No change SB1003 - Page 2, line 1


Moves the cure deadline to 7:00 PM on election day.

Voter Identification - In Person

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Photo IDRequestedNo changeNo legislative movement
Other OptionsTwo different documents with name and address - phone bill, bank statement, etc.

If they have a passport or other valid form of ID that does not include an address, they must also include one document with name and address.
No changeNo legislative movement
Provisional BallotsMay be cured up to five business days after election. No changeNo legislative movement

Voting Day

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Hours6:00 AM to 7:00 PMNo changeNo legislative movement
Wait TimeNot mentionedNo changeNo legislative movement
Electioneering75 feetNo changeNo legislative movement

Voter Rolls

Pre-COVIDDuring 20202021 Legislative Activity
Update FrequencyIn even-numbered years:
January 2nd and April 1st

In odd-numbered years:
January 2nd
April 1st
July 1st
October 1st
No changeHB 2780 (Passed House, in Senate)
Requires publishing of eligible voter list ten days before elections.
Voter RemovalDeath, incarceration, conviction of a felony, and moving. No change SB1485 - Page 13, Lines 25-35


Bars inactive voters from receiving automatic early voting ballots.

HB 2617 (Passed House, in Senate)
Adds non-citizenship or citizenship of another state as causes for removal.

SB 1260 (Passed Senate, in House)
Makes confirmation that a voter has registered in another county cause for removal from county registration.

SB 1477 (Passed Senate, in House)
Establishes monthly reporting requirements for felony convictions to strike felons from voter rolls.

Governor Ducey Signs Legislation To Further Protect Arizona Voters

May 11, 2021

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today signed legislation that builds on the state’s leadership in election integrity, protects Arizona voters and streamlines the way elections are conducted.

“Arizona is a national leader when it comes to election integrity and access to the ballot box, and Senate Bill 1485 continues that legacy. In 1992, our state began offering the ability for Arizonans to vote an absentee ballot. Since then, Arizona has continuously improved and refined our election laws ⁠— including intuitively renaming ‘absentee’ voting to ‘early’ voting  ⁠— and constantly seeking to strengthen the security and integrity of our elections,” the Governor said in a letter explaining his support for the bill.

Arizona Republicans Advance Two Election Bills: ‘Biggest Yellow Flag for Voter Fraud’

June 22, 2021

Arizona House Republicans moved to advance two election-related bills, including when recounts can be initiated and about how mismatched signatures should be handled.

On Monday, the House approved an amendment to  Senate Bill 1241 that would mandate county election authorities to refer mismatched signatures to the Attorney General’s office or county attorneys for a potential investigation. That bill passed 31–29 along party lines.

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Arizona Adopts Election Reform Bill That Stops Some Voters From Automatically Receiving Absentee Ballots

June 12, 2021

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey signed an election reform bill Tuesday that could stop thousands of voters from automatically receiving an absentee ballot ahead of an upcoming election.

SB 1485 would remove voters who have not participated in Arizona’s last four elections from its permanent early voting list, which allows them to automatically receive absentee ballots ahead of elections. Partisan primaries are included as separate elections, meaning that a voter could be removed if they fail to vote back-to-back election cycles, but they must also first fail to respond to mail notices alerting them.

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