Federalizing Election Law

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the Legislature thereof.”

–  Article I, Section 4, U.S. Constitution, the “Electors Clause”

The Constitution specifically reserves to the state legislatures the authority to determine how to conduct their own state’s elections.  Congress is relegated to a subordinate role in this effort.

And yet, the 117th Congress is pushing through an entirely partisan bill that will strip states of their constitutional authority to determine how their state will vote while simultaneously dismantling long-established standards for conducting fair and reliable elections.

It is imperative that Conservatives are well-versed in the horrendous provisions of the House’s #1 priority so we can spread the word to all Americans who want to continue living in a democracy in which we preserve the right to choose our elected leaders.


The Elections Clause:
States’ Primary Constitutional Authority Over Elections

Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13) Ranking Member

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on House Administration

The Constitution grants the Congress a purely secondary role to alter or create election laws only in the extreme cases of invasion, legislative neglect, or obstinate refusal to pass election laws. As do other aspects of our federal system, this division of sovereignty continues to serve to protect one of Americans’ most precious freedoms, the right to vote.

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It is the single most dangerous piece of legislation before Congress. What I call H.R.1 is the ‘Corrupt Politicians Act.’ […] It’s the number one bill. It’s not about COVID, It’s not about vaccinations, it’s not about getting people back to work, it’s not about getting kids back to school. It is about ensuring that Democrats remain in power and control for the next 100 years. It is a radical bill. What does it do? It federalizes all elections. It strikes down every election reform protection at the state level. So photo ID laws – right now in a lot of states you’ve got to use photo ID to vote. ‘The Corrupt Politician Act’ strikes that down. It sets up automatic voter registration, which would result in millions of illegal immigrants, and criminals, and felons being able to vote. The Democrats believe if illegal immigrants and felons are voting, that benefits the Democrats and keeps them in power. Not only that, it mandates universal mail-in balloting, it mandates ballot harvesting. This is all designed to facilitate fraud.” (Sen. Cruz, Fox News Primetime, 3/17/21)

HR 4 is the Product of a Partisan, Unethical Ploy to Keep Democrats in Power

HR 4 makes a farce out of the same Right to Vote that the radical Left claims to protect. It blatantly defies the desire by the voting public to restore the election safeguards that evaporated during the 2020 election cycle. It also flies in the face of two Supreme Court rulings and a recent failed attempt by Democrats to pass the dangerous HR 1/ S 1 Corrupt Politicians Act.

HR 4 has been drafted with input from a series of hearings in the House. The vast majority of witnesses were partisan Democrats who were more interested in disparaging Republicans than they were in providing sufficiently factual testimony to inform sound legislation. These hearings promoted a storyline depicting the United States as a racist country in which even the slightest attempt to provide election security was labeled as voter suppression. By consistently using such inflammatory slurs, Democrats make it impossible to have a fair and open conservation about voting in America.

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