In 2020,
almost 65 million Americans
voted by mail
in the Presidential Election.

double the number from 2016.

Judges in three states:
Pennsylvania, Michigan & Wisconsin
extended the deadlines to receive mail-in ballots

without legislative support.

Most states require witness statements to validate an absentee ballot.

Many waived this requirement for 2020.

For the 2020 General Election, 30 states plus the District of Columbia changed election law

to make voting by mail easier.

"Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.”

- US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black

Absentee/mail-in votes that are disqualified usually fail because they are missing a verifiable signature

or came in after the deadline.

Absentee and mail-in voting surged as a percent of total votes in the 2020 Primaries. In 2016, the % of votes cast by mail was 24.9%.

In 2020, it was 50.3%.

“As president, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States. That is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege.”

- President Donald J. Trump

“This was theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions and six battleground states rather than any one single “silver bullet” election irregularity.”

- The Immaculate Deception, The Navarro Report about the 2020 Presidential Election


Creating transparency to bring light to attacks on free and fair elections in the United States.

Creating transparency to bring light to attacks on a free and fair election process in the United States.

What happened in 2020?

The election of 2020 was the culmination of years of work by the Left to weaken the guardrails that protect free and fair elections in America.

With raw hatred towards President Trump and his supporters, political operatives on the Left have been working steadily for years to create a system of laws that legitimize voter fraud.

Through investigative research and forensic legal analysis, the American Conservative Union has uncovered their hyper-local strategy to make it almost impossible to trace illegal ballots.

Donald J. Trump v Joe Biden

In a country that follows the rule of law, the media does not decide the Presidency – the Electoral College does, based on the certification of legal votes. So rather than mimicking left-leaning supporters and taking to the streets to burn down neighborhoods, conservatives started filing lawsuits across the country, challenging how the election was conducted and seeking remedies to provide correct vote counts. By mid-November, there were already more than 400 cases and appeals filed in various state and federal courts.

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