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Contact your Senator TODAY at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to stop S 1: the Corrupt Politicians Act!

This Bill Doesn’t Protect Voting Rights, it Steals Voting Rights From the American People.

-Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on S1

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on HR-1

“The facts puncture the Left’s big lie.”

Senator McConnell speaks on the floor of the Senate, pushing back on inflammatory remarks from a hearing by the Democrat-led Judiciary Committee entitled: Jim Crow 2021

ACU experts speak out on the dangers of Nancy Pelosi’s HR 1

Following the House passage of HR 1, which would destroy the democratic process in America, experts from the American Conservative Union Foundation's Center to Protect Voters & Their Voices spoke on the major dangers that would occur if this bill were to become...

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ACU Letter to Delta Air Lines CEO Bastian

ACU Letter to Delta Air Lines CEO Bastian

The American Conservative Union wrote to Delta CEO Ed Bastian, urging him to correct his damaging and inaccurate claims about the Georgia election reform bill. Delta was actually instrumental in drafting that legislation.

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ACU Letter to MLB Commissioner Manfred

The American Conservative Union reached out to Commissioner Manfred regarding his decision to move this summer’s All-Star baseball game from Atlanta to Denver.  After Georgia passed its election reform bill, MLB gave in to pressure to join forces with groups that tried to label the bill as racist, discriminatory, and a means to suppress voting by minorities.

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